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Activities / Alternative name

General Information

The Inspector is the competent authority for granting permissions to use alternative names of substances in mixtures according to art. 15 of Directive 1999/45/EC. The provisions of that article were implemented in Poland by the order of the Ministry of Health of 20 April 2012 on labeling of packaging of dangerous substances and dangerous mixtures (Rozporządzenie Ministra Zdrowia z 20 kwietnia 2012 r. w sprawie oznakowania opakowań substancji niebezpiecznych i mieszanin niebezpiecznych oraz niektórych mieszanin, Dz.U. 2012.445).

Text of the order in Polish 

The form of the request and information required are specified in the above mentioned legal act. Only paper form of application is accepted.

In case the mixture is classified, labeled and packed according to Regulation (WE) 1272/2008 (CLP), the request for permission to use an alternative chemical name should be submitted to the European Chemical Agency according to article 24 of the CLP regulation.


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