Biuro do Spraw Substancji i Preparatów Chemicznych

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Tobacco e-cigarettes

Informing about suspected/adverse effects of electronic cigarettes and refill containers

Accordingly to article 11e of the Act on the amendment of the Protection of Health against the Consequences of the Consumption of Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act the manufacturer, importer or distributor of electronic cigarettes and refill containers shall establish and maintain a system for collecting information about all of the suspected and adverse effects on human health of these products. What is more, they should retain the information and submit it immediately to the Inspector for Chemical Substances.
Please, submit above information to email address: Information should include for example basic data concerning product i.e. name of product, batch’s number, name of manufacturer and description/justification of danger. Submitting information should in clear way allow Inspector to identify product and the kind of danger.

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