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EU Common Entry Gate for reporting of information on tobacco products and notification of information on electronic cigarettes and refill containers

There is a possibility to test the notification platform, but at the moment only for companies, which have a proper IT infrastructure. The rest of companies will be able to take part in the next turn of testing. 
Moreover, there is an open access to European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS). Manufacturers and importers will need to create and ECAS account. It is the first step to receive ID number by submitter. More information can be found on websites below:
Below it is shown how to get an access to test the notification platform (for companies with proper IT infrastructure):
To initiate the process of connectivity testing between your AS4 gateway and the EU-CEG AS4 test gateway in the context of the EU-CEG project, send the information in the below format to the CEF Support team.
Subject: AS4 Connectivity test for EU-CEG project
I am person X from company Y.
I am contacting you in the context of the AS4 connectivity tests for the EU-CEG project.
Please find my requested details below and provide me the information needed to perform the setup at my side.
What is more, we encourage all the producers and importers of tobacco products and related products to follow the website below, where you can find a lot of documents concerning tobacco directive, for example: warning messages on tobacco packages or format for submission of data on ingredients. 


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