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Start of applying for a Submitter ID in the tobacco industry

European Commission presented step by step how to apply for a Submitter ID. 
Firstly, you should create an ECAS account . This step is mandatory for submitters who intend to use the standalone application. ECAS is the European Commission Authentication Service. It allows users to access a wide range of Commission information systems, using a single username and password. 

Then in order to apply for a Submitter ID, please follow the following steps:

  1. download the registration form (use Internet Explorer web browser);
  2. read carefully the instructions contained in the registration form;
  3. complete the registration form;
  4. submit the registration form.
Upon receipt of a completed request form, the Commission will begin the process of assigning a Submitter ID. The Commission reserves the right to revert to applicants should additional information be required, to withhold Submitter IDs pending further verification and to withdraw previously assigned Submitter IDs, should it deem necessary. What is more, the Commission will endeavour to complete the assignment process within as short a timeframe as possible. Please note, however, that the assignment of a Submitter ID does not take place instantaneously upon receipt of the form and that during peak requesting periods, additional processing time up to several days may be required. Please bear this in mind when submitting your request forms.
Once a Submitter ID has been acquired, there will be two possible means of submitting reporting information to Member States via the EU-CEG:
  1. via a Client/Stand-Alone application (suitable for companies with smaller IT infrastructures). This is currently being developed by the Commission and will be made available to companies free of charge.
  2. system-to-system submissions (suitable for companies with larger IT infrastructures). Companies making system-to-system submissions will need to ensure access to the e-Delivery network, which is a network operated by the Commission and ensuring secure and reliable information transfer. More information you can find below:


Commission’s Contacts 
  • Should you encounter technical difficulties when requesting a Submitter ID, please contact (including in your message a 'print screen' of the window where the problem appears and a copy of your registration form).
  • For other general matters related to the functioning of the EU-CEG, but not to your request, please contact
All information above you can also find:


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