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BREXIT and export of hazardous chemicals (regulation 649/2012)


Pursuant to Article 8(2) of Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 on the export and import of hazardous chemicals, exporters are required to notify their exports 35 days before the expected date of export. In order to cover exports taking place in the first 35 days from the withdrawal date if there is no withdrawal agreement, a temporary procedure has been made available, which allows EU27-based exporters to notify the planned export to the United Kingdom in advance of the withdrawal date. These export notifications will take effect if the United Kingdom is, as of the withdrawal date, a third country without a withdrawal agreement entering into force on that date. The temporary procedure is to be carried out outside the ePIC application until the modalities of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are known.

ECHA has published an export notification form together with instructions on its website to facilitate the process. The workflow is described below:
- The exporter downloads the export notification form available on ECHA’s website, fills-it in and forwards it together with the associated SDS, as appropriate, to his Designated National Authority (DNA) by email.
- The DNA verifies the compliance of the notification and sends it to ECHA by email using the following address:
- ECHA verifies the compliance, assigns a provisional identification number to the notification and forwards it to the UK DNA by email.
- ECHA communicates the provisional identification number to the exporter and the DNA.

Once the modalities of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are known, the procedure will be adapted accordingly. If appropriate, a new release of ePIC will be made available, which will allow submissions to the UK under the standard export notification procedure via ePIC.

Depending on the modalities of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, ECHA may contact those companies, who have submitted a manual notification of exports to the UK and request the notification of those exports within the ePIC application. The following should be noted:

- The provisional identification number received after the manual notification should be inserted in the message field upon submission of the notification in ePIC.
- As it is not possible to specify in ePIC an expected date of export earlier than 35 days from the submission date, ECHA will activate the export notification (i.e. allow the export to take place) from the export date provided in the manual notification.


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