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Activities / Notification and Informing the Inspector

Submitting information on dangerous/hazardous mixtures

As the new provision of 20th March 2015 amending the act on chemical substances and their mixtures has entered into force, from 30th June 2015 the only possibility to submit information on the dangerous / hazardous mixture in accordance with article 15 is using the  system ELDIOM.

Under that provision, such an obligation applies to natural person or legal  person that manufactures a dangerous or hazardous mixture in the territory of the Republic of Poland and places it on the market or imports such mixture.

Notification of dangerous/hazardous mixtures should be submitted by the system ELDIOM.

Notification should be submitted on the day of placing on the market or bringing thereof to the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Notification should include:

  • The first and last name and address of place of business activity or company name and address, phone number and e-mail address of the entity submitting information;
  • Trade name of this mixture;
  • Mixture’s application;
  • The date of  submission or update information;
  • Information on substances of mixture:

a) detailed information on identification in accordance with article 18(2) of Regulation  no 1272/2006,

b) the concentration of substances in mixture in accordance with subsection 3.2 of Annex II to                 Regulation no 1907/2006;

  • Classification of mixture pursuant to article 19 or provisions of Regulation no 1272/2008;
  • The safety data sheet of the mixture or information from sections 2 and 3 of Annex II  to the Regulation  no 1907/2006.

In the case of the change of the trade name of the mixture the enterprise has to notified the Inspector. Additionally, where the information provided above has been updated ,the company is obliged to submit this information to the Inspector within the deadline of 14 days following the date of this amendment.


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